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Steve Buchanan Omaha On Health Benefits of Farm to Table Foods

Fresher Food Is Better for You, Says Steve Buchanan Omaha

The farm-to-table movement, which began in the 1960s, was a way to avoid the blandness of processed foods. The movement, also known as farm-to-fork, grew steadily for several years. Its popularity has spread rapidly since 2000 and it is now a global movement. Farm-to-table, in which restaurants or consumers obtain their ingredients direct from local farmers, has many advantages to local economies and the environment. It also has benefits for individual health, says Steve Buchanan Omaha, a farmer and health advocate.

Fruits and vegetables lose some of their nutritional value by the next day after picking, says Steve Buchanan Omaha. That means that produce shipped to grocery stores already has lost some nutritional value by the time it arrives on the shelves. The artificial lights and temperature changes in grocery stores result in even more nutritional loss. Fruits and vegetables also are often picked before they are ripe to allow time to get them into the store before they spoil, which further affects taste and nutrition. Finally, fruits and vegetables that are found in stores and not produced locally often have been sprayed with chemicals to preserve them during the long trip, says Steve Buchanan Omaha.

In contrast, when consumers buy fruits and vegetables directly from local farmers, they often are buying produce picked that day and at peak ripeness, says Steve Buchanan Omaha. The produce hasn’t traveled long distances, so it has not been sprayed with chemicals to preserve freshness. When buying direct, consumers also can talk with the farmer to learn whether pesticides have been used and, if so, which ones. 

Farm markets also offer the opportunity to see and try different fruits and vegetables, such as heirloom produce, which is grown from seeds not cross-pollinated with other plants, says Steve Buchanan Omaha. The greater the variety of produce in an individual’s diet, the greater the number of key nutrients a person consumes. Fresh food also contains fewer calories, fat, and sugar than processed food, says Steve Buchanan Omaha.

Animals raised by local farmers receive quality food and pasture. This improves the animal’s health and the quality of the meat, says Steve Buchanan Omaha.

Steve Buchanan is a native of Omaha and provides fresh food to local restaurants.  Steve Buchanan Omaha is married and has two daughters. His brother, Sean, also owns a dairy farm and the two have a dream of opening their own restaurant specializing in farm-to-table food in the future.

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