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The Importance of Farm to Table by Steve Buchanan Omaha

There Are So Many Reasons, Steve Buchanan of Omaha Feels Farm To Table Is Important.


What exactly is farm to table? According to Steve Buchanan of Omaha Farm to table is a notion and a movement. It is the idea that people should eat food that is grown and farmed around them locally as opposed to food that is shipped from far away. It is a simple notion however it is complex when you include every type of food. That means the foods that comprise all major food groups. Steve Buchanan Omaha should know he has been a farmer essentially since he was born.


For Steve Buchanan, Omaha is where he is from but it’s almost like it’s his own name. When he was able to walk, Steve Buchanan Omaha made it outside to gander at his family’s farm. That was over 40 years ago. Now at age 41, Steve Buchanan has been farming and making his farm profitable for several years. The farm-to-table movement is not just a concept it is a way of life with this son of Omaha. Nebraska has always been home to Steve Buchanan and he loves what this city in the heartland stands for. This is why farm to table is so important to him. He and his twin brother farm, (his brother has a dairy farm while Steve Buchanan Omaha has a hybrid farm – both animals and crops are tended to and nurtured with uncompromised love and attention).


Farm to table affects everyone from the farmer to the diner. Many people who advocate for farm to table embrace the fact that getting fresh and flavorful ingredients for restaurants in family tables is difficult when it has to be shipped. For example, crops alone lose their nutritional value and freshness while they are shipped. It just makes logical sense. The nutritional integrity of meats that are farmed in one locale and then shipped several hundred miles away is even more compromised than produce. Another reason that farm to table affects so many people is that the economy is affected by the diminishing small family farm. Big business has taken over farming and the small family farm is at risk of extinction. This will never happen if Steve Buchanan Omaha has his way. Though he is an entrepreneur, at the heart of his business is his family farm. It is also at the heart of his business acumen. He wants all small family farmers to know that they can thrive and not only survive in this changing economy.


Steve Buchanan Omaha has been a farmer his whole life. He grew tired of seeing farmers struggle and lose their farms and livelihood. Taking advantage of the environmental benefits of farm to table is how small farmers can thrive. The environment is a concern of everyone as we consider the impact of global warming and climate change. Steve Buchanan Omaha feels that farm to table has a space in that debate.

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